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Cervical Screening (Smear Test)


All women from age 25 to 64 are invited for cervical screening in Scotland.

Every 3 years from age 25 to 49

Every 5 years from 50 to 64

The test checks the health of cells in the cervix (opening to the womb) and allows detection of any abnormal cells which may require treatment or close monitoring. 

The overall aim of cervical screening is to reduce the number of women who develop Cervical Cancer.

Changes in the cells of the cervix can be caused by Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).

HPV can be transmitted through sexual contact or skin to skin contact in the genital area.

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You can book your Smear test today with the Practice nurse.

It is important to book your test at a time when you are not menstruating.

The test takes only 5 mins. It involves inserting a speculum into the vagina in order to get a view of the cervix, then using a soft brush to collect cells from the cervix itself.

Samples are sent to a laboratory and test results posted to your home address directly.


What happens next will depend on the results.

Normal Result - continue 3 yearly checks.

Inadequate Result - you will be asked to reattend to repeat the test.

Abnormal Result:

  • Moderate or Severe Changes - you will be referred to Colposcopy Clinic for further treatment.
  • Borderline Changes - your sample will first be tested for HPV – if this positive you will be referred to Colposcopy Clinic. If negative continue to 3 yearly checks.  


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